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Hansaton Hearing Aids

Hansaton AQ Recharchables


Experience hearing freedom at the absolutely highest level and feel good about making an environmentally friendly choice. And with no battery to change, handling the hearing aid is so simple! AQ Rechargeables offer a five-year rechargeable battery guarantee and an outstanding design.

AQ Rechargeable hearing aids at a glance

AQ In-The-Ear hearing system, custom-built, practically invisible and always ready for you to use.


  • Overcharging is not possible, no moisture expansion of the cells.
  • Nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries do not contain any mercury, lead, or cadmium.
  • All rechargeable batteries are inspected individually before being integrated into the device.
  • HANSATON provides a five-year guarantee on the rechargeable battery.
  • Size-13 high-power rechargeable batteries provide long-lasting performance.
  • Multimedia connection via Bluetooth over the miniMedia and Media remote controls are available.

AQ Charging Station at a glance

You simply place the hearing aids in the charging station. The aids turn off and charge. Overnight, the AQ recharging port with its prize-winning design gives all AQ hearing systems a reliable energy supply for the next day.    


  • Intelligent, fully automatic charging and service system.
  • Well-fitting charging inserts for the AQ In-The-Ear hearing systems.
  • Simultaneously charges, dries and tests the hearing systems.
  • The charging station works with voltages of 110-240V. A 12V charging cable is available.
  • LCD display with battery charge display, digital clock, and service date recommendation.