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COVID-19 Update: Walk-in hour for hearing aid repairs is now available M-F with a NEW time of 1:15-2 pm. Please call ahead to be sure your hearing aid repair can be handled during this time.
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Quality of Life

“It’s not about the hearing aids. It’s about your quality of life.”

Why not value your hearing as much as you value your vision? Hearing is a precious resource that keeps you connected to the world and needs to be checked along the way. If you’re asking loved ones to repeat themselves, your hearing may not be as sharp as it once was. When people say you that you need a hearing test, believe them and please schedule a test even if it’s to get a baseline for the future.

Your Hearing Problem Isn’t a Secret

Others often note that our hearing has declined before we do. They may have to repeat themselves or endure very high volume on your TV. That's not right when there are so many great ways to solve hearing issues today. We’ve recently learned that untreated hearing loss is associated with mental decline, so if you treat your hearing loss, you keep your brain exercised!

The When and Why of Hearing Problems

Hearing loss is an AGE-OLD problem, not just an old-age problem. Some people are born with hearing loss, and others develop hearing loss along the way often times starting in our 30’s or 40’s. Loud music, noise in the workplace and sounds such as gunfire, leaf blowers, power tools and hair dryers can damage your hearing over time. Certain medications, although necessary, may have hearing loss as a side effect. Some families share a tendency for hearing loss as they mature. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, often accompanies hearing loss, and may seem more annoying than the loss of hearing. All these need to be addressed and managed.

What is the Process?

Dr. Leslie Lesner and Dr. Meghan Jolley, both Doctors of Audiology at Lesner Hearing Center, will give you a complete hearing test and will discuss the results with you in plain language. They will recommend hearing instruments that are appropriate for your hearing issues, your lifestyle and your budget. We welcome your questions about why others may not have been successful with hearing aids that were fit elsewhere. Our service assures satisfaction, or your money back!

How Will You Hear Better?

Improving a hearing loss takes more than just turning up the volume across the board. Fitting hearing aids requires sophisticated measures of your hearing, an inventory of the demands you put on your ears and proper strategies for meeting those demands. We’ll help you understand your hearing and the effective use of the devices. Once fit, an adjustment period is provided, and we meet with you to fine-tune the aids post-fitting. We teach you the proper care of the devices and schedule routine follow ups to verify that you’re getting the hearing improvement that you paid for.

Taking advantage of today’s technology

Dr. Lesner and Dr. Jolley specialize in the hearing problems of children and adults of all ages. They educate their clients so that they can take full advantage of today's hearing technology whether that means simple devices with no adjustments or devices with wireless capabilities and Bluetooth to integrate with cell phone, iPad, TV, etc. The result is improved hearing in all environments. And that means a better quality of life!